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How Social Media Has Made the Consumer More Powerful

Social media management is a key part of any businesses marketing strategy. Keeping your business / company in the public eye means maintaining high standards of work at all times. We have all experienced awkward moments. With work or customer relations that need to be overcome in a professional and amicable manner. Social media is great for promoting all the great work you do. Make no mistake it’s hard work. The power of social media is so great that it can make or break businesses / companies. All it takes is one error or one slanderous remark and what is it that sticks in people’s minds? Not the vast amount of effort you’ve put in it’s the single negative remark that can scar you for life.

Social Media Etiquette

There’s a difference between venting, disagreeing and trolling, but take this for an example – I tweeted my disgust at a significant rise in my electric and gas bill supplied by Npower. It wasn’t derogatory in any way, but within minutes, a member of their customer service team tweeted me back, followed each other and they offered solutions and explanations via direct messages (not that there was anything to hide, it was just private and personal). To be fair they were helpful and although I was gutted it had gone up, I was already aware that the ‘estimations’ fluctuate depending on seasons and they were quick to reassure me, which I appreciate. They didn’t just sit back and do nothing, they personally approached me and although they weren’t responsible, they just wanted to help. I like that.


Some brands don’t really interact with fans or followers, and it is these companies who are most at risk from slanderous comments as they don’t react or rectify anything said. Social media management is a full time job in itself, more so for larger companies in the direct public eye.

One of my favourite people on Twitter is Wheyhey! They ALWAYS have time for their fans, a great example of a company who KNOW that without us, they wouldn’t be where they are today. Taking the time to reply to everyone (they do – trust me!) and not only acknowledge, but interact. Social media and social media management can make you or break you. It doesn’t manage itself though; you need to keep on top of it. Everybody has a voice on social media; it’s how they choose to use this voice that matters to you. Interact with positive tweets, level with disgruntled customers or people and rectify anything they may be upset with. Don’t ignore the good and the bad, every tweet you post is a reflection of your business, make every single one count!