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A Strategic Match Made in Heaven: The DM Lab Partners with ODOS Business Solutions

 A Strategic Match Made in Heaven: The DM Lab Partners with ODOS Business Solutions

The Digital Marketing Laboratory – The DM Lab – has always consisted of a team of talented individuals bringing their unique experience and expertise together to provide a complete marketing service. An agency unlike any other out there.

Now, The DM Lab will be joining forces with a very special talent at ODOS Business Solutions. This is to help improve and widen the variety of services available to both sets of clients.

The founder of ODOS, Andrew Graham, is known for dynamic business restructuring, strategic planning, project management. He is an IRCA-Certified Business Process Consultant and Quality Process Trainer. Furthermore, Andrew will be using his deep wealth of knowledge and experience to help The DM Lab develop multiple business processes. Helping us to improve overall performance, communications and image.

The DM Lab is pleased to announce this partnership with ODOS. Helping the digital marketing agency move forward with even greater vigour and success.

Strategic Strengthening to Improve Services

The DM Lab’s Managing Director Chris Tipping is excited about the potential this partnership has for driving the company forward.

“The DM Lab are looking to strengthen our company from a strategic point of view. Teaming up with ODOS Ltd will allow us not only better understand our own business model but improve the services we provide our clients. After 8 years of being in business we are very proud to have got to where we are today. However we are ready for the next level, so infrastructure is really important. We look forward to what this new partnership brings,” Chris Tipping commented.

A Partnership for the Future

Once the synergy between The DM Lab and ODOS reaches its peak, you can expect to see a significant improvement not only in The DM Lab’s current areas of digital marketing expertise such as social media and email marketing, analytics and SEO. Furthermore with a much wider variety of new areas where intelligent digital marketing can be the difference-maker for so many different kinds of businesses and brands both large and small.

As Chris Tipping said,

“The The DM Lab are indeed ready to take their current business model to the next level. By joining forces with the unique expertise available at ODOS is an ideal combination.  Exactly the right step required to lead this company into the future”