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Strawberry Ice Cream Day

As you probably know by now if you’ve met us, one of our other passions besides design & digital marketing is fitness and nutrition. We went on the ketogenic diet back in February 2013 and since then we’ve changed our eating habits to limit carbs and eliminate sugar completely from our diet. This has been pretty successful, a good eye opener into the ‘crap’ put in foods to make them look or taste nicer. Quite often this means preservatives and sugar has been added. After we re-educated ourselves we now ‘eat clean’ (everything is made from scratch so you know exactly what is in each of your meals).

Desserts and treats were always a problem, it was hard to find anything without sugar in it. Fruit was always safe, natural sugars are OK but besides a PhD Diet Whey bar, there wasn’t much else out there in our early days of refined eating. However…

Out of the blue one day on Twitter, WheyHey! Tweeted me and brought their ice cream to my attention.

WheyHey! Protein ice cream really is amazing stuff! 150 ml – 22g of protein, NO SUGAR – all natural! Also gluten free. A real guilt free treat.

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to eat healthier, then Wheyhey! Is definitely worth a look. Tastes great and is a better alternative to regular ice cream packed with sugars and if you train with the intensity we do, the protein content is a real bonus too!

We love it and highly recommend this great stuff to everyone!

Also take a look at Dale’s board on Pinterest where he has pinned anything that is suitable for anyone looking to cut out the sugar in their diet!