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As a successful business it is important to give back to the community

As any business owner knows, it’s important to have goals and aspirations. This year, we’re able to call ourselves a multi-award winning company thanks to our successes last year. Every step we take is a step in the right direction.

Every business owner has a hero, whether it’s a pioneer in their industry or simply a successful individual, like Jobs, Gates, Sugar, Branson or Musk for example.

We are fortunate as we’re partnered with UKFast, and have been since our early days of trading in 2013. They have been a part of our journey since almost the beginning. UKFast are, quite simply, a fantastic company. They aren’t in the same field as us but there are crossovers with what we do and offer. It is not only this that appeals to us. It’s the company itself, what it strives for and the CEO Lawrence Jones, MBE.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

What’s the significance of this quote here? Let us explain…

UKFast and The DM Lab are worlds apart with regards to size. However, we do everything we can in our power to emulate this brilliant company, all be it on a micro-scale! We don’t have cool offices (yet) to cater for an awesome team (yet). It’s just us two, in our humble little studio. There’s more…

“As a successful business it is important to give back to the community“ – Lawrence Jones


This is something even we, as a micro business, are great advocates of. Like Mr. Lawrence Jones, MBE, we are also huge rugby fans and we’ve been able to give something back to local rugby clubs by way of sponsorship. No, it isn’t headline sponsor for big bucks (yet) but we’re associated with and are a part of something that we love through business. Maybe one day we’ll reach the giddy heights of headline sponsor to a Premiership club, like UKFast are to the awesome Sale Sharks. It is something we’re building toward and are certainly aspiring to.

Our business isn’t here for us to simply milk a wage from. We’re in it for the long haul. The opportunities we have locally we’ve taken full advantage of. We are helping 3 local rugby clubs and a football club by way of sponsorships and partnerships. We’re a little past it now to help what goes on on the pitch, so we’re able to extend our shelf-lives by helping the club off the pitch. As we help businesses grow, the same applies to the clubs. Offering expertise in marketing off-field to open up new opportunities for them. If the clubs are performing well on the pitch, it’s up to us to compliment this off it on their behalf.