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Take The Online Relationship Offline

Some people are born with charisma, a killer personality and in turn become really likable. Take our Marketing Director Chris. Everyone who’s ever interacted with him just ends up loving him! He’s a real people person, and he is great for taking an online relationship (or telephone relationship) offline. He’s the front man for The DM Lab as well as the engine. Where others find site meetings and networking a chore, he loves it. Especially as Christmas gets ever closer, our clients are more than happy with the work we’re doing and we get all sorts of invitations to meals and functions. Unfortunately we can’t attend all, but we make a tremendous effort to take our online relationships offline and get to know our clients not just on a face to face business level, but on a personal level too.

It’s great to meet clients in a non-work environment – you get to see another side of them. More often than not you’ve connected on a business level to the point where everyone is comfortable enough with everyone to ‘let themselves go’ and see the ‘personal’ side of people. With us, especially Chris, what you see is what you get. He never tries to be one person for someone and another for somebody else. He’s true to his personality. Not once have we felt we’ve jeopardised our working relationship with anyone by interacting on an ‘offline’ personal level. In fact, it helps solidify an already pretty solid relationship. People like to do business with people. People buy from people. Humans are naturally social, this shouldn’t be restricted or inhibited just because we’re working together, we should play together too!