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We have been fascinated by the recent Rosetta spacecraft probe comet landing. A truly impressive feat. We have also been intrigued by the man in charge of the Rosetta mission Dr. Matt Taylor. Astrophysics means geeks, right? Well check out Matt Taylor. Super intelligent and super cool. Why? He’s got loads of tattoos!

We are big fans of body art. We have some. Most people have at least one. With the media craze about the Rosetta mission, Matt was asked to cover up his tattoos. We think that you should be proud of your body art, and people should accept them ESPECIALLY in the work place. There’s always negativity when it comes to tattoos. People being asked to cover them up, much like Matt was asked to do, but this guy landed a probe on a comet. He’s pretty much proved that he IS the man, what difference does it make that he has tattoos?! He knows his stuff; he has worked really hard and look what he achieved. You shouldn’t be too quick to judge.

Sportsmen are never asked to cover up when they are doing their sport which is their job, why should anyone else be asked to cover up their body art? You go to work; you do your job, what’s the problem?! Piercings and tattoos are so commonplace these days, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have either. We’re not saying it’s cool, you should get inked and you should show it of tastefully, what we’re saying is if you like it, get it done. It won’t make you any less capable of doing your job or working in general. Again, we have to reference Dr. Matt Taylor again. If you’re good at your job and if you do your job, why should it matter that you have tattoos? It’s a conformity issue, we get that, if you do certain things, you should look a certain way……But landing a probe on a comet?! If Matt has achieved that, just think what the rest of us illustrated people are capable of. There’s a lot of appreciators and a lot of haters, you’ll never make everybody happy all of the time. People should be judged on attitude and effort in the workplace regardless of piercings and tattoos. Dress code is different; if you have to wear certain garments wear them. It shouldn’t matter that you’ve chosen to have tattoos.

Be proud of your body art. There have been times where we have attended meetings suited and booted, quite often our tattoos are a topic of conversation and everyone that we have come across also has them so we can instantly relate and have something to talk about! We only do digital marketing, it’s not like we landed a probe on a comet!

Dr Matt Taylor