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Tattyanna and the Spider

Tattyanna and the Spider

Image 1

This is Tattyanna.

Image 2

She lives on the shelf…all alone. She was sad because nobody played with her.

Image 3

One day all of the other toys pushed Tattyanna off the shelf and she fell into a dark, dusty corner. She was very upset.

Image 4

A big hairy spider crawled from under the bed. Tattyanna was scared.

Image 5

Tattyanna hid behind the bed. She was very frightened.

Image 6

The spider said, ‘Don’t be scared, my name is George! I am sad because nobody will play with me’. ‘So am I’, said Tattyanna.

Image 7

George and Tattyanna played together for hours and hours. They were no longer lonely and became best friends.