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Thanks Rippo!

We have come across all sorts of people approaching us to ‘collaborate’ or ‘help’ us here at the Lab. Some with good intentions, some with shady intentions. We’re savvy enough to see who is genuine and who isn’t. Waaaaaay back when we were still a new business, we had some tweets from a chap in Bromyard, just asking can he come and have a chat. We didn’t see why not, so we invited this chap over, having no idea what was going to happen.

Anyway, the person in question is Richard Wilde (aka Rippo) and he is a legend in our eyes. Since we first met, we have been mutually helping one another with no monetary incentive, just because it’s people with skill sets that can be recommended to each other’s clients and in turn help each other grow. Rippo has never demanded anything from us, but is quick to refer us to anyone who needs our services. Whenever we can, we always recommend Rippo’s services, as he has a unique skillset which we don’t have, so he is indispensable to us.

A great bloke that we know both inside and outside of business, if anything we don’t do enough for him as he does for us (he’ll be reading this rolling his eyes as we have a ‘Rippo To Do List’ as long as our arm!).

We owe him a lot and he is one of a handful of people we know who is genuinely interested in collaborating, not just using us for their own personal gain. We have worked with Richard on several projects over the past couple of years, which has been a great experience. His technical knowledge is very extensive and has a keen eye for developing systems using best practice standards. Richard is a guy that you can get along with and know that whatever work he has it will be completed on time and above your expectations, I am happy to say that we have struck up a strong alliance together and will continue to work with Richard in the future!

Richard’s (Rippo’s) website is and anything .net he is definitely your man to speak to.

Thanks Rippo!