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Today, The DM Lab is 11 years old!

Happy 11th birthday to The DM Lab!

Toward the end of 2019, we were already preparing a number of celebratory events to mark a decade in business in 2020. However, the less said about 2020 the better…So moving swiftly on!

This year, again, we’re in limbo as to what we can and can’t do so once again, any ideas of hosting some events have been canned. We’re all sick to death of Zoom and Teams – we wanted to do it in person – but we can’t, so what more can we do?!

We wanted to give something back as we celebrate 11 years in business today to say thanks.

But we’re struggling to be able to do anything so we’ve had to think outside the box. We did treat ourselves to a 3D printed Mason – in case you didn’t know / haven’t seen or have no idea who Mason is – this is him!

A little bit of brand development with a sprinkling of indulgence and we have something we’ve wanted to get done for ages now. There’s only so much our digital 2D Mason can do afterall!

Anyway, how have we decided to celebrate our 11th birthday?

As you’re probably aware, we take corporate social responsibility very seriously here. We’re a huge advocate of sustainability and looking after the environment too. Since opportunities for CSR in particular are few and far between at the moment, again we had to think outside the box.

And that’s when we came across Ecologi!

As a member of Ecologi we, as a business, will be working toward:

Removing CO2e from the atmosphere

Growing our own forest

Seeing our impact brought to life

Keep track of progress on our profile

Learn about and set further low carbon goals

We’re already making an active, conscious effort ourselves in-house to reduce our impact on the environment. Joining Ecologi is another way we can help which we are excited about.

Take a look at the site yourself and see what you and your business can contribute. If you’ve been won over by the awesome idea and would like to sign yourself or your business up – we can both receive 30 sparkly trees if you sign up through this link:

Ecologi Logo

Thanks for reading! Now, where’s the birthday cake at…