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Video Games Day 2017

Video Games Day 2017

One of our favourite days of the year is Video Games Day! We are massive gamers here at The Lab. Unfortunately we can’t spend as much time as we’d like to playing. Like we did when we were younger. You know, pulling all nighters and hanging the next day. Whether it’s a school, university or work but having stories to share with your friends and colleagues alike.

Now, because of age, family commitments, work, well grown up life in general (!) gaming has been reduced to an hour here and there but not for a second losing appreciation for what’s about and what’s going to be released.

Our picks are, in release order are:

Friday 13th The Game (September 13th)

Call of Duty WWII (November 3rd – Beta was AWESOME!)

Star Wars Battlefront II (November 17th – despite everything, we loved the first one as we’re huge Star Wars fans so the second one looks like it’s got everything everyone was moaning wasn’t in Battlefront!)

…And next year looks equally as awesome with Days Gone, The Last of Us Part II (first one was brilliant – we still have it!) but the one single game that has got us most excited about is…


Our love for games extends to the consoles of our youths, the Segas, Nintendos, Ataris, Amigas and Commodores. You cannot beat a good classic from the 80s or 90s! Currently here at The Lab opinions are divided as to the better next generation console. Dale is Sony Fan through and through with his current console of choice being. Obviously, the PS4. Chris on the other hand is a Microsoft fan so is all about the Xbox One. We both have decent PCs from Overclockers but we both agree on one thing at least, we prefer to game on consoles but are well aware of the capabilities of PC gaming.

Since today is video games day, we’re giving away a £20 PLAYSTATION STORE wallet top up – all you have to do is like our Facebook page, share the post )publically so we can check) and if you want comment with the game you’re most excited about or what you are currently enjoying!

More of an XBox fan? We’ve got you covered! Over on Twitter we’re giving away £20 worth of XBox Store credit, enter by following us, retweeting the tweet and if you want comment with the game you’re most excited about or what you are currently enjoying!

We’ll chuck all the names in a hat and draw a winner this time next week so please, get stuck in! Once again UK entrats only, sorry!