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The Virtual Hereford River Carnival 2020!

Hereford River Carnival 2020 – adapt and overcome!

Hereford River Carnival Logo 2020

The pandemic has thrown up numerous difficulties not only for us, but for every business. We’ve been able to manage most things. However, one thing that has been impacted severely this year is our ability to contribute to the community.

We’ve had to manage our finances incredibly carefully under the circumstances. Money coming in has been impacted but the money going out has stayed the same! With an iron vice grip on the purse strings


One opportunity that has had to adapt and overcome the circumstances is the fantastic Hereford River Carnival. With the opportunity given to us by the team to develop a new website came the opportunity to address the cancellation of the event – but to still have the event nonetheless…

We have developed a platform where the carnival can still go ahead – but virtually!

The Virtual Hereford River Carnival

The carnival starts on Friday night at 8pm and continues throughout Saturday (12pm – 4pm). In the build up to the event, there have been numerous submissions for everyone to enjoy. Both to simply watch and to get involved in from wherever you’re watching from.

The Hereford River Carnival will have a full programme of events and line-ups which you can watch on by clicking this link to the Virtual Stages. It’s a real shame that the carnival was not able to go ahead. The organisers have worked tirelessly to ensure they can put on something and we’re grateful to have been able to be a small cog in the big machine!

It’s a great event that we attend year on year so we were pleased to be able to be a part of this years carnival. Fortunately, The DM Lab is well versed in the digital world so we’re pleased that we’ve been able to contribute our digital expertise and we wish Stuart and the team the very best.

We look forward to joining in the fun tomorrow night!