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How Watching The Apprentice Can Make You A Better Business Person

The Apprentice is a good watch for anyone. For anyone running a business, it’s insighful and inspirational. Why? Some actions taken decisions made and things said have repucussions and impacts whether they are positive or negative waits to be seen. It’s this that we learn from and refine in our own way to make ourselves a better person. Running a business has 2 sides to it, first side is you do it because you love it, you have passion for it and it is something you want to succeed at. The second side is from a profitable aspect. Businesses exist to make money. As the Joker once quoted, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”.

Watching how the apprentices’ approach the tasks Lord Sugar sets is intriguing. Everyone executes objectives in different ways. Some are more productive than others and you can relate to how and why decisions are made. Sometimes you can improve your train of thought or even techniques by watching others and how they would approach a task. You may approach it differently, but if you think that that is how you would undertake a given and it fails, learn from it. Improve yourself (at the expense of others to some degree).

Everyday we learn new things in our line of business. As with everything, you evolve to survive. You try to be the best you can. However you do this, seeing others around you succeed or fail gives you added impotus to not fall where others have. Learn from mistakes, improve where others have succeeded. Digital marketing is no better example of this. Constantly evolving, if you stand still or rest on your laurels, you will be left behind!