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Should Web Design Be Taught At A Younger Age?

Web design and development is certainly a skill. Today’s curriculum is very much focused on traditional subjects. Like geography, biology, maths and English, which are fundamental, without a doubt. However, in today’s world, information technology has developed in both functionality and accessibility. Even within the last 10 years.  In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web. Which was buillt on the back of the internet, with the launch of the first website in 1991. Today it has now become an organic entity that is used for almost every thing and anything.

The internet is more important today than it has ever been.

Question. When was the last time you considered using something other than the internet to source information, services or entertainment?

It is because of this effortless importance that the internet harnesses. That has almost forced it’s exclusion from the National Curriculum. Although pupils and students are encouraged to learn from the web. They are not being taught about the web, its functionality and capability.

Youngsters are resorting to teaching themselves web design and development. If given direction and professional tutoring, the advancements in the web and its application will develop. In ways we never thought possible in another ten years time! If the power of the web is harnessed and nurtured with the next generation, the possibilities are endless. I think that all youngsters have an interest in the side of the web overlooked by many. The technical, programming and coding side. If techniques and methods are properly taught, these skills can then be developed upon. Further enhancing the capabilities of the world wide web. Young entrepreneurs will want to develop and exploit the web in ways not yet conquered, thus furthering the use, purpose and functionality.

The next generation should be encouraged to see the internet as more than just a tool. More than just a recreational bit of fun to pass the time. As an opportunity. If the power of the internet continues to be developed by inventive youngsters, it will be years ahead of where it should be.

Coding and web design

I am aware IT is a taught subject. How much of this is of relevance to what the internet can alike should be taught. Even as an extra curricular activity to start,. The stubbornness of the powers that be will not recognise the capabilities of this as a genuine subject. Theysee it as more of a hobby. The National Curriculum as a whole should be updated to suit the technology available. There are only so many applications for spreadsheets and databases. The bigger picture needs to be acknowledged and explored in order to be furthered. The internet is more than a tool and a hobby. It will soon be (if it isn’t already) a fundamental part of everyday life!

Schooling and the curriclulum have developed little in the past 100 years. Everything else has moved on incomprehensively in comparison.