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You NEED Your Website To Be MOBILE-FRIENDLY by April 21st…

We’re not trying to scare-monger anyone or even take advantage and make a fast buck on the back of Google’s update which starts on April 21st which will penalise you if your website is not mobile friendly. By penalise, we mean that Google will favour sites that work on mobile devices. This will affect your ranking and make you almost invisible to searchers.

This year, mobile searches are set to overtake desktop searches, so as we’ve always said, if you’re website isn’t making you money, it’s costing you money. This has never been more true from April 21st. If your site is not mobile friendly, your ranking within Google will be dramatically affected.

First things first.

Click the link and test your site yourself using Google’s very own webmaster tool:

If you had a screen like this (like ours) then all is good!


If you had something like this:


Then get in touch ASAP! (URL removed from this, obviously!).

If you’re willing to ride the wave and hope for the best, then good luck – you’ll need it! Worst case is that your website will drop to the obsolete pages nobody ever gets to. Best case? Well, without developing a mobile friendly site there really isn’t one. This could be as simple as a software plug-in but will probably mean a website redesign.

There’s just over 4 weeks until the update starts, that’s plenty of time to get in touch with us to review your most cost effective solution. Don’t be put off by a website redesign, this won’t be as expensive as it sounds but ultimately your website will need to be mobile friendly at some point, so why not jump on it now and avoid any potential loss of business when your site gets knocked down by other mobile friendly sites.

Avoid Mobilegeddon! Make sure your website is mobile friendly now!