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What Your Website Says About You

If you have a website, then you are either advertising yourself or selling a product. If your website is poorly designed or visually unappealing then it is a misrepresentation of yourself and could be costing you money. We are guilty of this, ensuring every one of our clients’ websites were as good as they could be, but woefully neglecting our own. This has since been rectified and if you’ve stumbled across our site via this blog and are viewing it on a computer / laptop / tablet / mobile you’ll see it’s responsive, which if you’re website isn’t, then it really should be. Having a responsive website is almost a standard today. We also have welcomed a ‘metro’ design style which is taking off. We love the uniformed, clean, simple look of the design we have used on ours.

If you were a tailor, would you wear a tracksuit to work or a perfectly fitted shirt and trousers? Same applies to the website. There are generic free platforms available, don’t get us wrong if you haven’t got the budget, then they are the way forward. You are obviously in a position to judge how important a website is for you and your venture. They are a good launch pad, but we swear by a well designed WordPress website. It offers the same customisation but their content management system allows the user the same freedom to add / remove / change elements as required.