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Why We’d Rather Work Harder Than Complain

Firstly, it’s all we’ve ever known! Until you start your own business, run your own business and generate an income for yourself, you will never know hard work. It’s easy to do a job you hate as you don’t have to worry about making the money, you get paid by someone who worries about that. We have to work hard every day to ensure we keep our clients happy and equally as importantly keep the money coming in. When running a business, there is always something to do. Some people have a misconception that you wake up one morning and think, ‘I’ll have the day off today’ you do. Since you work for yourself you can do what you like. WRONG! Holidays are planned way in advance. The business won’t run itself!

Instead of complaining about workload, we just get on with it. It takes a certain type of person to set up and run their own business. Besides doing what you are passionate about, it’s about invoicing, paying bills, communicating, compiling accounts, chasing up payments, networking, advertising and promoting yourself to gain more customers. We knew it would be hard, and sometimes it still is but complaining won’t solve anything. Just knuckle down and do what you do best. We have to give 100% all day everyday otherwise our clients will see that they aren’t getting results. We can’t hide that, which is a good thing as we keep pushing ourselves. Complaining is easy when you are employed. If you start being lazy, your employer is there to motivate you. We have to motivate ourselves. We have good days and bad days like everybody else, we just have to get on with it. We do what we do because we love it, and that’s why we don’t ever wake up and think of doing something else other than going to work!