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The Wellbeing Cafe – Hereford

The DM Lab are actively supporting the community (and environment) as much as we can. We are helping transform grassroots clubs, events and organisations. Helping them raise their profile and processes. Offering our expertise in capacities the recipients never thought they needed or could afford. By improving their online presence and approach to online and offline marketing contributes to their growth as an entity – and The DM Lab are all about growth! More involvement means more opportunities at clubs and for charitable organisations.

We are also huge supporters of causes set up solely to help others. A fantastic example of this is The Wellbeing Café.

The Wellbeing Cafe is a community project in Hereford. It aims to combat food insecurity, food waste, mental health stigma and social isolation. Achieving this through their initiatives and programme of excellent events. See more about The Wellbeing Café over on their Facebook page and please, like and share the page. Do whatever you can to help this amazing organisation and the amazing team that make it possible.

Also, check out their GoFundMe page and if you can, make a donation to support their excellent work.

The Wellbeing Café officially opened on the 7th August this year, so they are still new but quickly making a great name for themselves. Dale’s kids have attended some of their events and have enjoyed them. They’ve been very educational too, opening the kids’ eyes to new food ideas and making the food itself. Having no first-hand experience of what the guys do, we can only vouch for the praise we’ve heard (from the kids themselves) so we definitely wanted to help them by donating.

Furthermore, well done guys for setting up such a great initiative, we wish Harry, Yasmin and the team all the very best and keep up the excellent work!