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What Your Competitors Can Teach You About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a bit like the wheel. It already exists, you can’t reinvent it, you can’t really make it better – but you CAN use it for a number a things. This is like digital marketing because everyone has ways of using it, they just differ slightly. A professional digital marketer will be able to exploit methods better than an amateur, but essentially digital marketing is digital marketing.

One important factor we never overlook when we start working with a new client is competitor analysis. Chances are, somebody else is digitally marketing themselves pretty well – take what they’re doing as a basis and make it better. Different sectors have different, specific digital marketing objectives and directives. We will take what we know, cross reference that with what others are doing and come up with a winning formula. Don’t mistake this for ‘copying’ as any other professional digital marketer with any credibility is doing exactly the same. This makes digital marketing an ever developing service. It is always getting better. Individuals are striving to be better than others and others better than them so your competitors can teach you so much. There are basic formulas, methods and software which everyone uses, the fundamental point here is standing out from the crowd, trying to be the best. Keeping up to date with these afore mentioned formulas, methods and software, is just the beginning. It’s being able to adapt these to specific applications and applying small changes to pre-existing methods to improve upon improvements which puts you ahead of your competitors.

It’s this constantly evolving side of digital marketing that makes it so exciting. If you’re as passionate as us then you’ll appreciate this and yes, although we aren’t the only ones doing this, we’re all a big digital marketing family, bouncing of one another, taking each other’s ideas and improving them. Of course there’s an element of competition, but without this competition digital marketing methods would stagnate, we all keep each other on our toes!