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World Kindness Day – Comfort U Bags

World Kindness Day

Thanks to a chance proposition by our good friend Dave of Ledbury RFC, we were made aware of the great work Comfort U Bags do. Comfort U Bags (CUBs for short) is an initiative set up back in July 2017. CUBs are filled backpacks that are provided to children going into foster care for the first time. As a company, we support clubs, organisations, events and initiatives as much as we can. However, this was something we didn’t even have to think about. We wanted to help.

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Comfort U Bags contain:

Comforting items to ease the transition into first time foster care, like a blanket or soft toy. Something to treasure & something they can call their own.

Supporting items to help occupy the children. Items like pens, puzzle books, colouring books & a stress toy. National Book Tokens or sensory books are also included.

Essential items include shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, toothbrushes & toothpaste for example. Consideration is also given to the specific needs of teenagers.

All of the CUBs are age & gender appropriate. There are no ‘generic’ CUBs – all are different with brand new items carefully chosen to support the wellbeing of the child.

The team raise money to provide each of the bags to a child that needs them. Not only that but individuals undertake fundraisers to raise money too.

Every year thousands of children enter the foster care system in the UK. Most arrive carrying little more than the clothes on their backs. If they are afforded the opportunity to collect any personal belongings, many are then given a plastic bag in which to place and carry their personal items. It is a time of great upheaval and instability, and their first foster home placement is unlikely to be their last.

Reading what the children had to say about receiving them really made us want to help Siân and the team. We want more people to know about the great work they do for vulnerable children.

What could we do?

Apart from a Facebook presence, CUBs had no other way of spreading their message. This was something we could help with. We developed and donated a website. A central informational hub about all things CUBs. Since then the team have embraced Twitter and Instagram on our recommendation. More channels and platforms to get heard.

Since today is #WorldKindnessDay, we thought it was a great day to launch the site. To celebrate the kind, selfless work of the team, what they do and the difference they make.

What can you do?

The backpacks are purchased through fundraising and then anyone can ‘adopt a CUB’ which involves taking a backpack and filling it using a content list which has been approved by Children Services; although the content is standard and items must be new to preserve the dignity of the recipient, the adopters have the autonomy to choose brands and retailers.

If you think you could help with fundraising or adopting a CUB, please do get in touch with the team on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or contact them direct by email. If there’s any day to get involved, it’s today.

Thank you and best of luck to Siân and the team. We think it is such a wonderful initiative. Thank you for letting us be a tiny part of what you do.

Let’s spread the word!
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