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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Creative Design

Tricky one! We’ve all heard somewhere along the lines some really poor advice someone has given, but we cannot put our finger on a single piece of bad advice. One particular project does spring to mind where a client asked specifically for a minimal design. ‘Simplicity is key’ were their words. We produced as creative a design as was possible keeping this in mind. Their response ‘it’s too boring’. OK, so we addressed this, they came back with ‘it’s too flat’. Redesign commenced. ‘It’s too funky’. Back to the drawing board. ‘There’s too much going on’. If any designers are reading this, you’ll be able to sympathise. We want to make sure our clients get what they want and ultimately pay for. So we got the guys in to ascertain what they actually wanted from us. Turns out the initial design was pretty much spot on! It’s outside advice and opinions they sought from others that perhaps ‘muddied the water’. In the end the design was completed and as we mentioned it wasn’t far off what the first draft was so we were happy with our interpretation and approach of the design brief. I think going back to the question about the worst advice we’ve ever heard came from, believe it or not (!) a person with no experience or understanding of design. It’s great, and we don’t knock anyone with self motivation and enthusiasm to have a bash with paint or wordart on Word, but if you want something done that reflects who you are or your business then we urge you to seek professional help. It’s great to play with and learn as a hobby, but creative designers have qualifications and have been taught properly, so although you may have advice, it’s more often than not an opinion with an untrained eye and we will do our very best to justify everything we do ensuring you get the product that is right for you.