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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

How’d you like to learn about how to make your content marketing better and more engaging?

We’ve put together this blog as a way for you to understand how to write and structure your very own really interesting and engaging perfect blog post. You won’t realise but we’ve researched how, why and what makes people want to read and put together this ‘paint by numbers’ layout for you to follow and hopefully increase traffic to your website without even realising!

How to Engage the Reader

Hopefully, you’ve been sucked in already. Curious maybe that you either know how to write and structure an engaging blog and are seeing if there’s anything new here or are genuinely interested to learn how to do exactly that. Maybe without realising, the headline has grabbed your attention. We’ve given you a key insight in the first couple of sentences, you’ve looked at the picture and are interested to read on. We’ve made you a promise with the sub-header, and you’re really curious about how to engage the reader, right? Points 1, 2, 3 & 4 we can check off then! Now we’re going to level with you.

We want to offer insight into how to emotionally connect with the reader. Positivity is key here, we want you to write better blogs, we’ve researched how, so we’re telling you! If you’ve found this template useful then please share. Practical, useful content gets shared, which is what this is. This content is not king, more of a guide. We’re not trying to connect on an emotional level, not trying to make you happy or sad (which a good blog should – so bear that in mind). We’re simply showing you how to implement the advice we’re giving you. This would be section 5 on the illustration.

Why, What and How to Blog

Just Copy and Paste This as a Structure / Guide!

We hope we’ve sort of connected on an emotional level. In the paragraph above we’ve outlined what sort of content needs to go in this section. Did this trigger the desired emotion of intrigue and part satisfaction? Obviously in an actual blog delve deeper into this. We then followed up with ‘The Soundbite’ (section 6). It’s easy to remember, and easy to quote. Why? The rule of three is at work. The first item creates tension, the second builds it up, and the third releases it. Short and to the point. The sub-heading after that is not so much a promise (which it should be – section 7) but if you do as it says, you won’t be going far wrong…So a promise of sorts. Back on topic, this section of content should be the ‘How To’ section (8 on the picture above).

Check out the picture at the top – it illustrates the layout.

We’ve followed this exactly to create this blog about writing a good blog post.

Take your topic, break it down and structure it in a similar manner and you won’t go far wrong. We’ve learned a few things, so we want to share the knowledge. As for word count, a quick ‘Google’ and you should be aiming for about 2000 words. This is under half that, but it’s our interpretation and instructional guide, so we’re exempting ourselves from filling it with content for the sake of statistics, so please excuse us on that one! We would like to thank Social Triggers for sharing this. In turn we’ve interpreted it our way to enable you to write the perfect blog post.

Now you’ve no excuse to not create Perfect Blog Post! Try it, and let us know if this was helpful!