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McTip IT Rebrand to The Digital Marketing Lab

Why Rebrand?

The Past

McTip IT (now Digital Marketing Lab) started 4 years ago. It was set up originally to be an IT solutions company. Focusing on PC repair, custom built systems, setting up networks and information security.

Web design was also a fundamental part of this. With the local market saturated with already prominent web design companies we found it difficult to compete. So, we ticked over with small web design jobs which kept us going for a couple of years. Along with small scale internet marketing.

We soon realised that the marketing side was turning out to be a more profitable area for us. As we saw a gap in the local market, we capitalised on this and focused solely on the digital marketing aspect. This change of direction resulted in an explosion in business. We became a Google Adwords certified company, learning new techniques in PPC and SEM. Utilising the latest tools by heavyweights in the industry such as Yoast and Moz.

This really strengthened our business as a digital marketing agency that would get you results. We were now moving the business forward in a direction we could not have comprehended 4 years ago.

The Present

Although McTip IT (now Digital Marketing Lab) already had a good customer base who were happy with our work, we felt that our current branding was not doing us justice. We were not portraying ourselves clearly enough for potential new businesses. Our service to them was not immediately obvious from our brand name, tagline and most of all our out dated website. It was difficult to push ourselves forward and to convince businesses to work with us when we were really being misrepresented by ourselves.

Other businesses now identifying that online / digital marketing is the way forward. With McTip IT going from strength to strength in digital marketing skills, techniques and contacts, it was time to overhaul our business with this new direction and growth potential in mind.

The Digital Marketing Lab was born!

Our customer profile has evolved. From small local businesses wanting a few more leads and sales to big businesses wanting to spend. To become the most recognised name in their field. They want to compete for business at the highest level. As we have several big businesses on our books, we know that we can work at this level and get results. Our confidence and history has allowed us to aim for big businesses with big budgets.

From a business point of view, there was more potential for us to grow our company. So our services were targeted at bigger businesses. We had outgrown what we had originally wanted to be. In turn our brand misrepresents us. We want to convey the message that we are the go-to agency if your business wants the best in digital marketing. Covering everything from Adwords management, content strategies, social media strategies, blogging and graphic design.

The Future

We want to express that we have everything you need all in one place. With the desire to attract big businesses, serious about results. A brand name that envelops this, that we are trusted, experienced and rsults driven. The Digital Marketing Lab want our brand to be recognised and equally as important, to be remembered. We want to be be taken seriously. Portayed as cool and edgey while gauranteeing and delivering results to SMEs to larger enterprises.

We want these people to care about our brand as much as we do, to work towards being an authority in our field. When businesses thrive and grow, we want to be part of the reason, and our reputation will depend on these successes.

Making our company talked about, recommended and cared about.

To market a business successfully, you need the right mix of people. Something that we now have. When businesses employ our services their needs are simple: to use our business to make them more business. In turn this makes our customer / client care about our brand as much as we do (as long as we are not adopting a white label approach!).

McTip IT is associated with aspects that are no longer meaningful to us. Our brand is out of sync with what we currently (and primarily) offer and is far from what we advertise as our main service. This outdated brand almost keeps us at arms length from the major player we are competing against. We want to lead with our brand direction, not follow.

The rebrand is not just a stepping stone for our business, it is a milestone.

4 years of learning and evolving to become what we are today. We need to justify and compliment our skills with our brand and the picture we paint of ourselves to potential clients. The rebrand marks a new direction, new structure and new team members. The way the technology and the market is going, internet marketing will be a fundemental part of any SME to large enterprise’s sales drive. We want to continue to offer our services years from now, growing, learning and evolving.

It’s this need that has influenced a rebrand that will work today as good as it will in 5 years time. Even years after that. We want to inspire our team and inpire businesses alike. We thrive on success, on growth, on results, and this hunger and drive comes from a collective mix of skilled, passionate individuals who have great chemistry together. The Digital MArketing Lab has the ingredients to make your business a success, and we want our rebrand to depict this.

If we could start over tomorrow, this would be our brand. It encapsulates everything we are. We are The Digital Marketing Lab.

Our team of ‘scientists’ are dedicated to getting the chemistry right for your business, each offering up different ingredients to the table to bring you the success you trust us to bring!

The DM Lab