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Scrabble vs Digital Marketing

Unlike Scrabble, digital marketing needn’t be a game of luck…

Instead, it should be approached with the bigger picture in mind. Develop a strategy so that that triple word score can be better used or some clever research and analysis be done to give you an advantage over your competitors.

We, however, have an advantage.

We don’t dive in blind into a drawstring bag, see what we have and see what happens. We’ll take a peek into that bag when no one’s looking, get what we need to get off to a solid start so that whatever happens next can be properly analysed and strategized into a game winning formula that works for you.

Like the tiles in Scrabble, some elements perform better than others but ultimately working together with the other tiles is the key to success.

Your budget may be 7 letters and it may seem futile trying to hit a 7 letter triple word score from the start (actually impossible in Scrabble at the beginning anyway – see where we’re going with this?!). Reaping the reward so early on may be detrimental, as you may rest on your Laurels thinking you’ve done enough and let’s see how things pan out. While everyone else is accumulating points, thinking you’ve won on the first go is over ambitious, I think we can all agree on that.

We start small, and work out to those triple word scores.

Playing 3 or 4 letter words may seem frustrating at first, but let’s work for something bigger. Better. More worthwhile later on. A quick fix is never the way forward when marketing, you have to play the long game – long game as in at least 3 months to see a decent ROI. We want to use that ‘Z’ tile on a triple word score – and we can’t do that on the first turn. We have to work toward it, playing our hand strategically until everything before has been executed perfectly building up to that game winning score.

A good, well designed, user friendly and functional website is always a good start to build upon. It’s worth remembering that you can’t make QUARTZ without those small, seemingly insignificant single point tiles, so let’s use every single resource we have in order to win that game.

We need a good mixture to hit those big, high-scoring words!

Like a game of Scrabble, there may be times when it seems impossible to progress, but clever analysis will always prevail and never think that what you have isn’t good enough. We’ll keep that scoreboard ticking over. Also like the scoreboard, our analytics will keep us up to date with where we are and what we need to push in order to stay on top.

Everyone will have a budget (7 tiles) – it’s what we do with those tiles to get the most out of them. Some may have higher scoring letters than others but The DM Lab strives to play the long game and win.

What are we really saying?

Although this post has used a clever spin on scrabble and digital marketing, its important to understand that The DM Lab take our role very seriously while working alongside customers. We have spent many years building up different methods to utilise while working with businesses to improve their digital marketing, with proven success in many sectors, such as:


Using a blended marketing strategy across multiple channels, we are able to not only increase traffic to a website, increase conversions / sales but also better understand the customer journey, meaning we get smarter, making brilliant marketing simple.

Businesses can have a wide range of budgets and objectives, however the one thing that has remained constant is there is no quick win. Well thought out and executed marketing plans will only give you the results you are looking for. It’s very to common that we will implement parts of a strategy on an on-going basis that will contribute towards the overall bigger aim, keeping to business objectives. This could be as simple as getting people to click a link, download a brochure or sign up for a newsletter (micro conversions) or getting people to buy a product, checkout etc (macro conversions). The benefits of a well thought out digital marketing plan far outweigh the quick win methods, your plan should support your company growth and ambition giving you a sustainable and scalable digital presence.

So why use our our digital marketing agency? Bringing it back to scrabble, we would be the equivalent to a digital thesaurus unscrambling the letters to point you in the right direction of the words to use. Happy #ScrabbleDay!

If you want to play, get in touch!