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Bring Your Marketing Back to Life! It’s International Frankenstein Day, so we’ve naturally put a marketing spin on in in a light-hearted, creative way! “Nothing is more painful to the human mind than, after the feelings have been worked up by a quick succession of events, the dead calmness of inaction and certainty which follows […]

The DM Lab – A Digital Marketing Agency Hi and thanks for stopping by to find out more about The DM Lab. We’re a Digital Marketing Agency based here in Hereford. We wanted to let you know what we’re all about and what we can offer. There’s no hard sale here, instead here is a […]

Digital marketing has been something our agency started working with over 7 years ago. Quickly realising that so many companies were having websites developed but had no idea on the best route to market. Not knowing the best way to get those all important leads or sales. This is where we could see how multi-channel marketing […]

Unlike Scrabble, digital marketing needn’t be a game of luck… Instead, it should be approached with the bigger picture in mind. Develop a strategy so that that triple word score can be better used or some clever research and analysis be done to give you an advantage over your competitors. We, however, have an advantage. […]

Can a Digital Marketing Agency Add Value? Our business has been working with clients for over 6 years. Ranging in industry, location and the type of work required. Personally I go out and see businesses on a regular basis. To pitch our services and how we can change the direction of how a company may […]

Speculative SEO Work Came across this found on Adweek. Originally published almost a year ago by Zulu Alpha Kilo. Still very relevant today and still very relevant to us in the design and digital marketing field. Some quotes that ring true came mostly from the personal trainer on the video: “We start providing our services from […]

I think the Dark Side are marketing themselves all wrong. They’re not bad guys, I mean they look really cool, but the direction they chose is frowned upon a little. I mean blowing up entire planets, that’s not going to do your image any good now is it? This is the same as black hat […]

As a design and digital marketing agency we offer a range of services all under one roof. Using a marketing agency means you have a developer, marketer, designer and copywriter at your disposal. All the while paying a set retainer fee means anything you need we cater for. No need to spend time yourself outsourcing […]