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A New Experience, A New Beginning

My first week as the new apprentice has been an enjoyable working experience.

A new experience for Harvey, pictured with MD Chris

It certainly has been an experience so far. A week full of learning, having to learn a brand-new skill set for the job. I was thrown straight into the deep end being given a website to redesign. Nevertheless I did not complain. It was certainly a refreshing to be using software that I am familiar with in the form of Photoshop. It is certainly a programme I would recommend to anyone who would like to get into the digital graphics industry, although it can be trivial at times.

“A Surprisingly Enjoyable Experience”

Another new experience was looking at the behind the scenes of the servers and websites, something that I never thought I would be doing with the job. It is surprisingly therapeutic looking at lines upon lines of code, it’s not something that I would’ve seen myself particularly enjoying but this job never seems to surprise me, yet another thing that gave me a surprising amount of enjoyment.

However, with the pleasure of looking at lines upon lines of code, comes the frustration of bug fixing. When something that is so simple goes wrong, it really does become a chore to fix. An issue with uploading a file, which should take 30 seconds can turn into a half a day task.

I got to see two different sides of the business the technical side, which involved looking at the behind the scenes of a website. The other side of the business is the flashy front-end stuff that you get to see. They both have very different appearances and looks yet ultimately achieve the same thing.

To round off my first week with The DM lab, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent here. I look forward to learning more and seeing what the future here holds.

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