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Apprenticeship Case Study – Harvey

Apprenticeship Case Study – Harvey

In 2018, we took a huge step with the development and growth of the business. Through The Development Manager (TDM) based in Worcester, we whittled down several promising digital marketing apprentice candidates to just two. The two we had to decide between were head and shoulders above the others – as good as they all were. Harvey Edwards was one of these two. The deciding factor was because of the Luctonians connection.

The business has a proud sponsorship history with Luctonians. We’ve also all represented Lucs at 3rd and 4th (Foxhounds) levels as well as being avid supporters of the club. The common interest between rugby and digital marketing was a match made in heaven. On July 30th 2018, we and Harvey began our apprenticeship journey together.

As we write this case study, we, and Harvey, have achieved an enormous amount.

An 18 month journey that has seen him progress from fresh-faced digital marketing apprentice to a fully fledged member of our team. As well as an asset to The DM Lab. We have been able to give him proper, hands on experience in real time with live projects. Every task we have set and every exam he has taken as part of the apprenticeship he has excelled at.

We have nurtured his development, as from his hard work we have given him opportunities and experiences. He is able to join us on event invitations at Lucs as part of the company’s commercial involvement. We have also, on a personal level, encouraged him to continue to represent the club at a playing level. At 19, he has the ability and enthusiasm to progress to a higher playing level. He’s already captained the 3rd XV. As his employers and friends of the club, we would be proud to see him to continue his rugby journey as he remains in the local area.

The hands on, real world experience a digital marketing apprenticeship offers has allowed Harvey to learn while working.

This is an alternative to enrolling at University. The two founders of The DM Lab have graduated from university. We’ve seen the benefits of both worlds though witnessing first-hand Harvey’s development. Through the placement we offered, Harvey could remain in the local area, come to work for us while also being able to continue playing for Luctonians. Great for us, great for Harvey and great for the club!

With the outstanding player development and player pathways that Luctonians create, you can pursue a good level of rugby. With an opportunity with a local company like us, you can learn a trade to either pursue as a career or something to fall back on if your rugby journey proves unsuccessful.

Harvey has proven himself to be a valuable asset to our company

Through his efforts, was a finalist at the SME National Business Awards for ‘Apprentice of the Year’ in December last year. This is testament to his dedication to our company and the apprenticeship. He is forging himself a solid career in the world of digital marketing and is able to balance his work / life balance by continuing to play for Luctonians.

The club is a big part of The DM Lab. We would actively encourage you to continue your education, especially through an apprenticeship with one of many of the fantastic local businesses that are a part of Luctonians while also continuing to represent the club at whatever level you strive to play.

If a career in the digital world interests you, and you feel you have something to offer our company, get in touch and we will do our best to at least accommodate you on a work experience placement to help you decide whether an apprenticeship in digital marketing or a specific degree is right for you

Stay local while still furthering your education and creating your own future with an apprenticeship!