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Call of Duty WWII Marathon in Aid of Stand up to Cancer

Stand up to Cancer’s #GameOn

We are looking forward to Call of Duty WWII. We love it when organisations put the ‘fun’ in fundraising. This one is no different! We’re taking a day off work and are planning a gaming marathon on November 3rd for the release of Call of Duty WWII.

Trying to avoid asking for money all the time, we pick and choose our events carefully. So that we can put 100% of our efforts in and hope to be rewarded with sponsorships and donations. Appreciated, it comes pretty soon after our pink efforts for Breast Cancer Awareness and yes it also coincides with what we have planned for Movember. BUT! It is for a great cause and we can fully immerse ourselves in it.

What?! We hear you cry!

Stand up to Cancer’s #GameOn! Reason we want to get involved in this is we had already planned a day off to play Call of Duty WWII. Why not make it even more worthwhile we thought by joining #GameOn and holding our own gaming marathon – since we planned to be gaming all day anyway!

We’re no strangers to Stand up to Cancer’s fundraising activities. Creative Director Dale took part in the Celeb Chase Virtual Race which was pretty cool. Again, since we enjoy running, we got stuck in!

With this coinciding with their other fundraising activity Get Orange-ified, we don our orange The DM Lab T-shirts too. 2 for the price of 1! We’re not asking a lot, a humble target of £25. If we reach this target, we’ll set another, but as long as we raise something that is what ultimately counts.

We’ve even asked the guys at Activision to donate a copy and if successful, we’ll put in the initial target of £25 ourselves! We’ll see what happens.

The plan is to make it an interesting 24 hours, we’ll make it as interactive as we can, we’ll update everyone on our initial progress if anyone wants to know how bad / good we are!

Click for Dale’s Giving Page

Click for Chris’s Giving Page

Sponsor you guys to spend a day playing Call of Duty WWII?! Are you guys for real?!

Yes we are! We had planned to take the day off to play the game we were buying anyway, so why not tie this in to a fundraising effort was the plan!