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Can Having A Website Help Boost Visibility For Small Businesses?

Can having a website help boost visibility for small businesses?

Yes, without a doubt. It’s like having an advert available to anyone and everyone. Accessible to anyone anywhere!

The way we promote this is that although, initially, a website costs more than an ad in a local paper. That’s all the paper is – local. Only so many people will see this for a limited time frame. If someone wants to employ your services specifically, they will seek you out. They will do this the easiest way they know how – the internet.

Here, you will be advertising yourself. Answering any questions they may have without even talking to them. You can showcase your portfolio, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! This advert has been paid for, and will be online forever (subject to domain name renewal!). This ‘omnipresence’ is advantageous as your company. It will (to some degree) market itself while you do what you do best. Our company like to also point out to our clients’ that it’s all very well having a nice site to show yourself off. What’s the point if nobody knows about you in the first place?! We offer an SEO service to combat having a stagnant website.

What else besides a website will boost visibility?

We make people want to visit your site by socially networking you and your business. Blogging about past projects, current work and future contracts. Having a website will boost visibility, whatever your business. In the current economic climate, it’s imperative to be known, trusted and recognised as the public are ever more reluctant to part with their hard earned money. We should know, we’ve been there, we’ve overcome obstacles (we started trading in the recession in Hereford) so we appreciate how hard you / we need to work to help boost the visibility of your business.

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