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A Christmas Message From The DM Lab

2017 has been a great year.

Christmas is almost upon us! You’ve probably seen our successes. However it wasn’t always plain sailing. You’ve seen the reward but not the effort that went into achieving what we have. The reason we are in business and doing what we do is thanks to you, our clients and those who support our business.

A Christmas Message From The DM Lab

We cannot thank you enough for that.

Crippling factors, like corporation tax and VAT bills leave a bitter taste in our mouths. Sometimes cash flow is an issue. With absolutely no help, literally, from our bank we have had to control and overcome everything ourselves. Anything you’ve seen is a direct result of hours of hard work by life blood of The DM Lab, Chris and Dale.

Every year that we have under our belt is something we’re proud of. It’s a huge achievement in itself.

As we publish these, we’ve sent out our Christmas cards. Written and printed our newsletters and we’ve written about our year in detail here. If you haven’t read it, please do. It’s a little insight into what we get up to inside and outside of work. Running a small business takes up almost 99% of our time. So anything we achieve in addition to this is also something we’re proud of.

With a young family each to provide for is another reason we are thankful, and grateful, for your business.

The DM Lab wasn’t set up because we think we know marketing and therefore offer it as a service. It’s not a bolt on to make money from. It is what we specialise in. What we solely focus on. We’re a digital marketing agency. Not a creative agency dabbling because everybody else is. We live and breathe marketing which is what sets us apart. We’re not following, we want to lead.

Thanks to you we are able to fulfil our passion and continually improve our abilities and service. We are small, but we are mighty!

We hope you have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year! In 2018 we will continue to

Make brilliant marketing simple!

Have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy new year! See you on the other side!