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Content Strategy: Crucial in Marketing

For those of us in the know, the term ‘content strategy’ is no stranger to us.

We’ve been using it to devise an effective marketing content strategy for years. However, now, it’s become popular with online businesses big and small. Word has spread about how a great content can increase conversions and make your visitors stay.

It’s NOT all about Keyword Stuffing

I’ve always encouraged my clients to develop great content that adds value. Primarily to the reader as this is what Google favours over anything else. When I talk about inbound marketing to someone new to the world of online marketing they immediately assume it’s lining up keywords. For the sole purpose just to tickle the senses of the Googlebotss. But nothing can be further from the truth.

SEO experts will of course include critical keywords. Ensuring you are recognised for the product or service you provide. However these will have little impact on your Google position if the content isn’t up to scratch.

Google now recognises the amateur efforts of business people. People who just stuff nonsensical keywords into copy regardless of how a piece reads. So it simply passes these by and dismisses the website as spam.
There are many ways that inbound marketing can work with your content strategy to ensure you receive the best results. You appeal to your entire target market and you become renowned as a leader in your field.

These include:


Blogging can really propel your business forward. It has the potential to make you a recognisable brand. You can target your demographic. Build an audience. Show Google that you are constantly providing updated fresh content for your customers.

You can show you keep your finger on the pulse. Be the first to deliver news. News which has the potential to be shared on news channels which can catapult your site to fame.

Your marketing team should know exactly how you should be blogging for the maximum impact. They understand exactly what keywords to use and they know what your customers want to read.

Guest blogging is also a growing trend providing content for useful websites, this can actually form the basis of your content strategy. Look at sites and see what you could provide for them.

Sharing or Syndication

Where and when are you going to share this content? What audience do you want to reach? All should be considered when developing a strong content strategy. Releasing the content the wrong group on Linkedin at the wrong time can be quite damaging. Put some thought into this before you write anything and even create a timetable for when you want the content to be released on social sites, or which communities you want it to go to. Nice little timetable available from, click to see the full size version.

Content Ideas

Finding what to write can be a challenge. Many of my clients are constantly looking for ideas. Dont be scared and have a look at what your competitors are doing. A good trick is to create a feed of all your competitors in Google reader. These links can be compiled into one bundle:

This will give you one URL that can be copied into Wordle, which will produce a lovely image of all the main words your competitors are talking about.

I have done one for the guys from MOZ, not competitors of mine and in fact are a great source of information.

As you can see there are some useful words that are jumping out, which might spark some idea on what to write.

Technical SEO

Think of it as a de-clutter. Show Google that you care about your customer’s satisfaction. A technical audit reveals the problems that are holding you back before delivering solutions to propel your site forward.

An marketing team can suggest many strategies that will enable you to shoot up the ranks. From refreshing and archiving gold content to investing in great reviews for your products. See there’s hardly a keyword in sight!

Onsite SEO

Your site should engage. Not only sell your product but also be able to widen its net. To capture people who are researching your product or service. Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in your industry, people will be more inclined to buy. You do this by engaging with content that informs, all the while highlighting points that the search engines will pick up.

Think of it this way, if you provide great information, people will want to share. This alone could give you the viral reach of millions. As well as creating, for example, an unlimited amount of back links.

Never underestimate the power of content strategy when you need to take your online business to the next level!

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