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Everybody Makes Mistakes!

We are all human after all. We’re not perfect. When we make a mistake we will always rectify it whether it is big or small, nobody likes making mistakes – but nobody is perfect.

Email newsletters are our worst nightmare for not identifying errors at the draft stage, sending it out to our contacts list THEN realising there is a mistake. You can’t undo a big send and pretend it never happened neither can you assume nobody else will see the error. You can hope – but someone will see it. We proof read EVERYTHING. Stringently! We can’t afford a mistake like broken links or grammatical errors in a newsletter. We’re supposed to be leading by example so if we can’t get it right, why would you want us to do it for you, right?!

That’s one of the reasons why our work has to be of the highest order. If we make mistakes, we’ll do our best to sort it out, but we’re small and we were wondering, what sort of mistakes on a newsletter can have irreversible effects on your business? Spelling mistakes are almost unheard of, images never seem to be a problem but what about links? A missing or broken link will leave potential visitors lost and they’ll lose immediate interest. They don’t want to be searching around for whatever was supposed to be linked to an article. Potential sales – gone. Potential interest – gone.

Even the big guys make mistakes. Just look at Sony’s email. They sent out an email apologising about the wrong link in their newsletter (see the image below). Even a company of that size and with the resources they have make mistakes. So next time you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. Take a deep breath, see what needs to be done and take action. Sony did, and we still love them. In fact, we love them more because they are human too!