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Offline Marketing is as important as online marketing. Without a doubt. We were having a tidy up in the studio the other day. We found all manner of flyers, posters, brochures, programmes and business stationery. Elements of Offline Marketing we have done over the years. Some stuff we looked back on and thought ‘Wow, I had […]

We are all human after all. We’re not perfect. When we make a mistake we will always rectify it whether it is big or small, nobody likes making mistakes – but nobody is perfect. Email newsletters are our worst nightmare for not identifying errors at the draft stage, sending it out to our contacts list […]

In February 2013, we decided to not consume sugar any longer. We have an interest in training, fitness, nutrition and supplementation, and after careful consideration and research we decided to try out the ketogenic diet. It was a bold step and not an easy one either. Basically the diet is strict, no sugar, very limited […]