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Finalists at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards!

What a way to celebrate the mid point of the year!

We’ve only just said goodbye to a very memorable June and we are starting July on an incredible high! We’re extremely pleased to share with you news that we’re finalists at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards! We’re 1 of 6 finalists in the ‘Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year’ category for the Midlands region!

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Finalist

We’re honoured to have been shortlisted at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. It really does mean a lot! All the unseen stress and turmoil we’ve had to endure and overcome over the last year and a half can almost be forgotten now a sense of normality is slowly reappearing. With this amazing news we can start looking forward instead of dwelling on a tough year last year.

We did not want to let the circumstances undo our hard work of 11 years. We did what we could to see through 2020. The ship has steadied these last couple of months and this recognition will go a long way in helping us find our feet again. Not only that but give existing clients and even potential clients the confidence that despite all that is happening, we are itching to help others get back to where they were pre-pandemic!

Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year is defined on the Great British Entrepreneur Awards website as:

Firms that hone talent that spurs new technologies, industries and jobs.

In today’s climate, where user-experience and fast-flowing trends are key mobilisers, small businesses are all the more powerful for their youthful energy and agile stature.

Leading a small business is a notoriously difficult, often thankless task that involves wearing many hats at once on the journey to securing a thriving operation.

We’re very familiar with the last sentence! Although we do pride ourselves on being successful where it counts. All the while lending our talent and expertise to almost all facets in the digital world. Long days, the unseen extras outside of office hours and of course the many sleepless nights all seem part of running any business of late. Dare we say, we’ve almost gotten used to it! However this is a reflection of our passion and drive to keep the business going. We’re a different beast to what we were a few years ago. Now a team of 4, an excellent client base locally, nationally and even internationally and an awesome office space. None of these came easy, but the hard work is definitely worth it.

To be sharing this news with you is testament to that very fact. There was always more to The DM Lab than the balance sheet. We had a vision and a passion to be the best. Improved where we needed to, expanding when we needed to. All these carefully considered moves almost came undone last year. However, with so much at stake, we weren’t about to give in and lose it all!

This will undoubtably resonate with those in the entrepreneurial community. We are a resilient bunch and to be recognised after a tough year is amazing!

The Small Business of the Year Award recognises the achievements of those that have mastered this balancing act at the helm of firms of 50 employees or less. It celebrates the resilience, fortitude and the vital role these entities play in building Britain’s global reputation as an incubator for ideas and business growth.