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Fire Engines, Knights, Princesses & Cider!

Another busy weekend this weekend gone for us!

Since summer is here and apparently not just for a day or two like summers past, we are making the very most of it! Supporting local events and organisations while also spending time with our families. The weekend before last was the Sundogs Festival, last weekend was the Shobdon Flying and Food Festival. A great example of this was Saturday when we visited Hereford Fire Station Open Day hosted by Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service.

Picture is from the Facebook Event Page

An annual open day with loads going on; Static fire appliance displays, chip pan demonstration, fire engine rides, barbeque, ice cream van, fire hose target, smoke house, a raffle. The blood bike was there, the Fire Fighters Charity stall, Institute of Advanced Motorists, Royal Life Saving Society and some practical displays. The practical display of the bear being recused was a hit with our lot!

See pictures below, if you didn’t go, every time the firefighters got a ladder to the window he was in, he’d ascend the stairs to the next level, making them get a bigger ladder out until it culminated in them rescuing him with the cherry picker!

The rest of Saturday was taken up by, well, football on the TV!

Sunday, we were up early to take a trip to Eastnor Castle. This was before returning home and going the Beer on the Wye festival. We have a Privilege Card so we go as often as we can. Theme for Sunday was Knights and Princesses. The kids did battle and learned how to be a princess. Then we headed to the Beer on the Wye.

Opting to go Sunday as it was more geared to family, we went to the Beer on the Wye. We listened to some music, drank a bit (!) of cider and basked in the sunshine by the river. We didn’t really do much but it was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday. Kids were happy, they had friends there. It was a great day!

Cheers to the team at the Beer on the Wye!