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Re-establishing Our Google Partners Status

Although not a new thing for us, we have re-established our Google Partners status.

Only reason we have re-acquired the coveted Google Partners badge is because the clients we took on focused on other marketing avenues and this kept us busy. As we took on more clients and others dropped off we had fewer focused projects on AdWords alone. It was unfortunate – but at the same time no reflection on the quality of our work. We weren’t handling AdWords campaigns so the area and partnerships slowly slipped away.

Now we have developed a client base again managing AdWords. We have re-established the partnership, passed the exams and are, once again, certified Partners!

Wondering want this accreditation entails? The benefits it offer to you and your business and what it means to us, have a read of a (very) old blog from our time before we rebranded from McTip IT when we were working extensively, but not exclusivley, on AdWords campaigns here.

What does it mean for you now we have re-established our Google Partner status? You can be sure that we have met Google’s standards for account management best practises. Google themselves ensure the certification is current. We will always be undertaking AdWords management to a high standard.

You can be sure we are able to competently and comprehensively manage your account. The use negative keywords, ad extensions, site links inside of ads, phrase match keywords, split testing, broad  match modified keywords, ad scheduling and more.