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Herefordshire Business Awards – Entry Process

Herefordshire Business Awards – new for 2019, we have developed a new entry / nomination process

We’re very pleased to be so involved with the awards. We are absolutely 100% behind championing this county. Too often is it overlooked, favouring what our neighbours have to offer. We want to help Herefordshire to stand up and be counted! So we’ve made it as easy as possibly for you to enter the 2019 Herefordshire Business Awards? How? By developing a new entry process for the awards!

Our business is going from strength to strength. This is because we work hard and no doubt awards have helped us get to where we are today. Having won at the 2017 awards, been a finalist and sponsored the 2018 awards, we’re back sponsoring again this year. We’re not able to enter as Chris has had the privilege of being selected as one of the three judges this year! So, because we can’t enter, we have focused our attention on the entry process for this years’ Herefordshire Business Awards! We are unveiling our work at the Awards Launch so we hope you’ll be the first to see it and even try it!

Building on the excellent work the team have done, we’ve developed a whole new entry / nomination system.

See it in action here. We have developed this in lieu of the Goggle Forms used for the previous years. Taking what was being used, the Herefordshire Business Awards now has a fluid, standalone entry / nomination platform. The main function we’ve included is now you can save your application and revisit it at any point before submitting it. We hope this will do away with any difficulties entrants may have had in the past. If they were mid-entry and had to, for whatever reason stop, they’d have to start over. Now progress can be saved. A great feature that other awards websites offer. You can still develop your entry offline on Word for example and copy and paste it into the fields, save the entry and if you think of something to add, just log back in and update.

This leads on to the other feature…

We now enable entrants to create an account for themselves or their company. Once you’re registered on the site you’ll be able to take full advantage of the entry process’ full functionality by managing your entry right up until submission (which is midnight on Friday 6th of September if you didn’t already know!).

We hope that the entry process, along with the other improvements the team have been working on with regards the awards and ceremony, that this years’ will definitely be one worth getting involved with.

We’re very happy to be able to offer this – it takes the sting out of being unable to enter but still allows us to be heavily involved. We would welcome any feedback but are confident that after rigorous testing we’ll hit the ground running with the application process. However, we want to make it as easy as possible for you guys to enter. There are so many fantastic businesses in the county. We encourage you to showcase yourself and hopefully make it through as a finalist.

Hopefully see you on Friday October 25th at the Three Counties Hotel! Best of luck!