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Herefordshire Skills Show

Herefordshire Skills Show – Wednesday 3rd July, 12:00pm – 7:30pm at the Hereford Racecourse.

We’ll be at the Herefordshire Skills Show in a couple of weeks – here’s why…

Herefordshire Skills Show Details

The DM Lab has been run solely by Chris and Dale for the entirety of its existence. It has been hard for us to loosen our grip on the company we’d built. Following consecutive years of growth we were, between the two of us, literally at capacity.

Last year we advertised for a position within the company, but we couldn’t find the right person to fit both the position and the company. We wanted someone with experience, so they could hit the ground running. An apprentice wouldn’t be able to do this. We’d have to set aside time, which we always seemed to have little of due to workloads, to oversee an apprentice. For this reason alone, we were adamant it wasn’t the right time for an apprentice.


After a couple of meetings with The Development Manager (TDM), they’d convinced us an apprentice is the ideal person. We went with it, shortlisted a couple of really good applicants and in the end it came down to just 3 – of which we chose Harvey.

Harvey has been with us almost a year now. His attendance in that time has been 100% which is commendable. He is now in a position to pick up jobs, start jobs and finish jobs as and when we instruct him to. An absolute asset to be fair to him.

It was a real eye opener too. Knowing that, as young as he is, has taken less than a year to be a truly valuable member of our little team.

…And this is why we’ll be exhibiting at the Herefordshire Skills Show.

We are rapidly expanding and we’re looking to see what’s out there. We’ve got a digital marketing quiz with questions ranging in difficulty to test your knowledge. There will of course be a prize for the most correct answers. However the prize isn’t the point – we’re testing the water to see what sort of knowledge attendees have, and their enthusiasm to possible extend this.

Still in the process of relocating to increase the size of our team, we will be on the look out for anyone interested in working for us and perhaps, for us, identifying another one in a million candidate – like our Harvey.

There will be loads going on besides. We encourage you to attend the event, make a few contacts as you neve know what the future may hold!

Look forward to seeing you there!