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London Marathon Training & Diet

A training day in the life of us at the moment

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OK, so our fundraising has stuttered once again. We thought we’d reignite interest and prove our dedication by showing you a day / week in the life of us juggling running a business along with #marathon training. We are both on the ketogenic diet (more of a lifestyle because we’ve been on it for a couple of years) and for the London Marathon and the training for it we will be fuelled by #keto. For cardio, an average weekday would consist of an early morning run, a gym workout and a cycle to and from work.

Saturday would be a rest day. It would normally include walking to, from and around town or something like that. Sunday would be a longer run or taking part in a running event. Each week clocking up around 20-30 miles (sometimes more depending on the distance of the long run / event) running, cycling and walking. Just keeping active and moving is the key.

Our daily diet consists of:

6:30am – pre-workout – 25g of PhD Diet Whey with 250ml almond milk with a bulletproof coffee

8:30am breakfast – 2 slices of bacon, 2 boiled eggs and half an avocado (50g)


10:45am – snack – 20g almonds


12:30pm – lunch – feta salad with avocados and olives with pork scratchings and cheese

Mid-Afternoon Snack

2:45pm – snack – Pepperami and pork scratchings


5:30pm – dinner – cooked salmon fillet (with some Blend Brothers Sweet Chilli sauce) with 125g asparagus and 50g broccoli

7:00pm – snack – 100g Fage yoghurt with 5g PhD Diet Whey (to flavour it) and 20g macadamia nuts with a tablespoon (25g) almond butter

We also make an avocado mousse if we feel we’ve earned it – blended avocado, some 99% cocao and whipping cream – so simple but it’s so tasty (to us anyway as luxuries like that are off limits!)

A structured, easy to prepare diet helps us get through the long days of training and work. However it’s the fats that keep us full between meals. There’s a little room for improvement. Protein is a little high but we’re eating around 2500 calories plus exercise. However, the less weight to lug around with us the better! So we’re being pretty strict the next couple of months. We can splurge after we’ve crossed the finish line! To finish, here’s our daily macros and our weekday training averages:

If you found this interesting, please head over to our JustGiving page and help us hit our fundraising goal for the London Marathon!