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Looking Toward the Future

Things were pretty rosy for us at the turn of the year.

Harv graduated from his apprenticeship with a distinction, we were working with lots of awesome businesses and further expansion was on the cards.

Digital Marketer Level 3 Certificate

However, COVID-19 happened.

We managed to continue working throughout lockdown from home. Easily done when you’re a digital company. We took a hit though. Our clients in travel and hospitality had to put our arrangements on hold. The reasons were obvious and it is this flexibility we offer (no contracts) that add to our appeal for many businesses. They all promised to come back but we know this is a tough time so we continued to help as and when we could.

We navigated lockdown then as restrictions eased, we returned to work at our city centre office on the business’ 10th birthday. We thought that was the best we could to with regards a celebration of the milestone.

A month later, things had really picked up. We had some making up to do and we certainly did that!

New clients, clients returning and new projects meant we nearly picked up where we left off in March. We are always looking toward the future and so that means expansion.

Working with the awesome guys at Minerva, we are prepared for further business successes and growth.

We designed this amazing little workstation for new staff, apprentices and those looking for work experience. Having had first-hand experience of how we work and how to successfully complete an apprenticeship course, Harv has been internally promoted from junior to senior level after graduating.


Approaching his second year with us, Harv has proved his worth. He’ll now be managing any future apprentices and those on work experience. He’s learned a lot in his 2 years with us and earned himself a finalist spot at the SME National Business Awards for ‘Apprentice of the Year’. We want more ‘Harvs’. So, Harv himself is going to mould new staff to be as valuable to The DM Lab as he is.

We hadn’t recruited before Harv so hiring him was a big deal.

We’re now turning him into a big deal himself! He is relishing the role as he continues to add value to the company and is as ambitious as we are to push the business as far as we can.

When things become normal again we’ll be opening up opportunities for those looking to forge a career in the digital world. We have the equipment and we have the space. Having originally worked a schedule of individuals who requested work experience with us throughout the summer. We still have your details so if you’re interested, we’d love to help you out!

We’ll end by thanking Minerva for fabricating and installing the workstation. The craftmanship is second to none. The finish is awesome and the guys that fitted it all were super-efficient and professional. We don’t do off the shelf stuff here. We like to be different and unique so bespoke desks are the way forward for us. Incredibly grateful to Minerva for helping us achieve this. They do much more besides desks so if you want something similar for home or work, give these guys a shout.