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Make Your Brand Interesting, Make People Love You

As we’ve already blogged about how our brand came about, we’ll talk a little about how we make it interesting. As it is a brand developed with a quirky passion and message, it gives us a lot of scope to make it interesting from our point of view and hopefully interesting for you guys too. There’s a lot of scope for chemistry based anecdotes and the crossover with Breaking Bad is always fun (if risqué if you’ve seen the show!). Also our little creation ‘Mason’ is quite a versatile character, any event or occasion is always fronted by him with a little graphic and everyone has taken a shine to him. Again, something else new we’ve added to the rebrand.

We’ve also started blogging pretty regularly. We like to mix it up with a bit of work and pleasure type blogs. It lets all of you guys know that we are actual people, not robots and although we love what we do for a living, we also love doing other stuff too. Hopefully we can write something you can relate to or share a similar interest in, giving you a personal insight as well as insights into how we work and develop The DM Lab.