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MicroBizMattersDay – Friday 12th January

After an incredible 2017, we’re looking to give something back on MicroBizMattersDay.

So, today, on MicroBizMattersDay we’re rolling out loads of useful tips. Tips on how to market your micro business. We’ll be sharing useful information on both our Twitter and Facebook platforms. Be sure to check out both and we hope there’s at least one thing you find useful and can implement.



We’ll be getting involved in the MicroBizMattersDay campaign and we’ll be giving 12 to help other business owners. We’ll be offering 12 handpicked, useful and easy to implement marketing pointers. We have a wealth of knowledge that we want to share.

We’ll support you, you support us!

There’s a lot more to marketing your micro business than just utilising our pointers. These are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re not already doing any of the things we suggest on MicroBizMattersDay but you can see the benefit, get in touch with us. We grow as you grow, so let’s start our journey together today!


You can trust us to make things happen. Why? Last year, we picked up two awards, ‘Growing Business of the Year’ and ‘Entrepreneur / Business of the Year’. We’ll work hard for you and this has been recognised by picking up these awards! Why not work with a multi-award winning micro business on MicroBizMattersDay?!

If you missed our pointers, don’t fret! We will publish another blog with all our pointers all in one place. If you found at least one thing useful, please give us a ‘like’ on our Facebook page or drop us a ‘follow’ on Twitter.

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We are a micro business with big aspirations. There are two of us who work full time here. We are definitely a micro business though we try to appear big.

Let’s make 2018 our best year so far. We want to work with you!

For more information on MicroBizmattersDay – click here.