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New Website for Kidwells House!

Did you know we’ve been around for over 6 years now?!

We haven’t had much involvement in the local market. There are bigger, more established businesses around. Rather than compete, we worked with businesses outside of the county to help establish ourselves.

It’s worked for us. We’ve grown steadily and learned a lot. Just before the turn of the year we wanted to be more involved with businesses within the county. Having established ourselves and grown a reputation. It was time to start showing people what we were all about.

We have been working with RRA Architects. Developing a new look website for them. As well as working with West Mercia Air Conditioning plus a couple of small businesses. The most recent project was developing a website for Simi.

May 2015

In May, we were approached by Kidwells House. Amanda & Alison got in touch about redeveloping their website for the guest house. A few face to face meetings and using Basecamp we managed the project from start to finish. The new site was launched last week.

The brief was to create a professional, friendly and welcoming site. With an emphasis on advertising the various aspects of the guest house. With input from Amanda and Alison we developed a modern, mobile responsive website. Aabsolutely key in today’s market – ease of navigation and booking) which we are proud of and Amanda and Alison are equally pleased with.

The site was designed with a CMS (content management system) built in so Amanda can at any point change out images, amend content and blog all in house without worrying about additional costs if changes were necessary. They now have a site they can do whatever they want with whenever they want!

It was great to be approached by Kidwells House as the Kidwells brand is a big name in Hereford so we were grateful for the opportunity to showcase what we can do. We hope that the local market may be more receptive to us now we have the thumbs up from a big player in the county!

Check out the site and tell us what you think!

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