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PageSpeed Insights

Nothing is worse than a slow loading website which is why PageSpeed Insights are so valuable. Quite often we neglect to do for ourselves what we do for others. We try to practise what we preach. But time and resources are difficult to factor in. Time is money after all and we never seem to have enough (time that is!).

We do keep abreast of updates, methods and techniques.

Quite often trialing them on our own website to see if it’s worth the time and effort implementing on other websites we manage.

After checking a clients website on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, we tested our own site out of curiosity. Bearing in mind we neglect our own website (too much so if we’re honest) we were really impressed at our results!

Here’s our PageSpeed Insights!

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The results are by no means perfect, but we were excited by the results nonetheless! Get your insights here.

It is important for us to keep ahead in our game and although we don’t dedicate anywhere near the time we should on marketing ourselves, it is apparent that the tiny amount we do do works really well. If we only spend minutes every week (realistically probably every month) doing this for ourselves, imagine what we could do for you as a client if you came onboard and we focused and dedicated time to your website. It’s a no brainer really!

Anything you need from us we are here to help. We are waiting to help!