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Small Business Community Impact

This is a fantastic piece from – and it absolutely epitomises everything we do.

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We are a small business and we have a very active role in the community – especially given the size of our business. The research, put together in this report, is very relatable to us. We’ve always had an interest ourselves, but what Lawrence Jones does with his company UKFast really inspires us, even though we’re a fraction of the size. See our previous blog ‘As a successful business it is important to give back to the community’.

We have a vested interest in both local grassroots sports and local events. Actively being a part of them and the community. Bringing our expertise to the table in a way that directly benefits them.

Marketing Director Chris runs a local football club, with a range of girls and boys sections and age groups, from junior to senior. The club is successfully growing in numbers year on year and is going from strength to strength. The DM Lab is a sponsor of the club as well as a number of girls and boys teams at different age groups. By actively involving ourselves and the business with the club, we hope it encourages other business to also get involved.

We are able to help all the clubs we are involved with.

This ranges from design work, website support to marketing. Where we see we can add value to a club, we do. We are very fortunate to be able to indulge our hobbies and interests through the business.  We love rugby and support three great local clubs – each at different playing levels.

Luctonians RFC

At the top of the pile we work with Luctonians RFC. A fantastic, multi-faceted club who we have been a formal part of for the third year this year. Throughout our journey together we’ve developed a great website that helps to raise the profile of the club. The volunteers we have, over time, shown how to manage the website which they do successfully to great effect. We have been rewarded for this involvement in the way of a corporate sponsorship. We are really proud of the association we have built with the club and the way they have embraced what we have shown them.

Greyhound RFC

On a smaller scale, but with an equal amount of interest and passion, we work with Greyhound RFC. Once again we developed a brilliant little website for them. Due to the size of the club, being a lot small than the other two clubs we work with, we manage their site for them. We also help them to advertise the club. Most commonly this is printed advertising which we are able to undertake all here at The DM Lab. The club had a successful senior season last season, winning the league and being promoted. The activity on the pitch compliments what we are doing off it. The club is steadily growing and achieving successes at all levels. They have been able to attract a number of new sponsors as a result.

Ledbury RFC

Most recently we have developed a relationship with Ledbury RFC. Sitting at a playing level between Luctonians and Greyhound, our aim is to help raise the club’s profile even more off the pitch. This help would entail a revamped online presence and support the club in any way they need us to. The website is being managed by us and a team at the club, with the intention that soon it’ll be theirs, as we have done successfully with Luctonians.

It isn’t just sports that interest us. We annually support Circus Starr – who give disabled and disadvantaged children accessible inclusive family entertainment. For the last two years we have helped Luctonians establish an annual beer and rugby 7s festival. The inaugural event in 2017 was very successful and this years’ event has built on that again. We offered our full event marketing expertise to this and the event has definitely been established now. Everything here we want to be involved with and we know we can bring value.

However we did recently give something back to events that we felt rewarded us as a business.

We picked up two awards toward the end of last year. We were so grateful that the business had been recognised that this year, at both ceremonies, we are back as sponsors. The awards ceremonies have had a positive effect on the business, and as a thank you we have got involved as sponsors. Not to raise the profile of the business, anything that comes of it is a bonus. It was more of a ‘thank you’, humbled by our recognition and business efforts.

Clubs and events are nothing with support from businesses, and we actively involve ourselves wherever we can. We don’t do it for advertising sake, we want to. On the flipside however we do get exposure but it isn’t the reason. We are good at what we do and what we do can benefit the local community.