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The DM Lab Custom Keychains from Sticker Mule

We love the brand that we’ve created here at The DM Lab. With online businesses like Sticker Mule, they’ve made creating branded merchandise even easier!

That’s why we’re always looking for cool new ways to get it out there. Creating things that will make people remember us. However we just love creating things for ourselves too! Like our 3D printed Mason we made for our 11th birthday

Nobody else does stuff like that. Or even like what we do for that matter. Most brands aren’t ‘fun’… But we’re different. We’re proud of everything we produce and everything we’re involved in.

That’s why we’ve ‘diversified’ further!

We’ve always known about Sticker Mule, however we’ve pondered how can we use these guys to produce something really cool? Then, we discovered the Custom Keychains!

Sticker Mule Custom Keychains

Instead of using our logo, we thought let’s use our little avatar, Mason! He’s cool, he’s dinky… And he’s cute! So, we created the artwork – selected the custom size option (always a cool feature – something we always look for when ordering anything as we hate to be constrained).

To be cool, it has to be bespoke. Unique to us.

Not an image within a rectangle or whatever. That doesn’t work for us or our brand. Something we always look for too is a low order volume initially – to test the water or for a small run. Having opted for 10 initially – we will absolutely be ordering more of Mason along with other cool branded ideas. We’ve shown our cool Sticker Mule custom keychains to clients and you know what’s happened now – they want some too! We’re already preparing artwork for a few bits and pieces – including custom keychains for a local club and a YouTuber.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for cool stuff for your business merchandise or just some cool stuff for yourself – check out Sticker Mule! Perfect for a small run if you don’t need loads or equally if you’re looking to create cool things for an event or similar – save even more money by ordering in bulk.

These awesome Custom Keychains and excellent service from Sticker Mule has enabled them to be on our coveted ‘Trusted Suppliers’ list. Easy to use website, great communication and our order was delivered on the exact date Sticker Mule stated. Handy as there is a lead time as you can appreciate but we had them in our hands ready for our little gathering. All in all – excellent – which is exactly what we said in our review…

Thanks Sticker Mule – you guys are awesome! Our custom keychains are freakin’ AWESOME!

Check out all the cool stuff Sticker Mule offer right here – you will love it!