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That’s it for 2020!

Well, the office is closed for the Christmas break, the out-of-office is on the emails so you know what that means…

Yep, 50% of The DM Lab team are now working from home regardless of the Christmas break!

It never stops for Chris and Dale so we’re on hand if anything pops up, but the lads are off and we hope they enjoy their well-deserved break. They’ve both been awesome and we can’t thank Harv & Joe for their efforts throughout this very strange year! The unusual circumstances meant we couldn’t go out for a proper send off! However, we have some really cool hampers filled with some rad things… And pizza as a replacement Christmas meal!

Making the best of it, we wanted to show our appreciation for their dedication and commitment.

Harv & Joe's gifts before the Christmas break

Both have been excellent additions to the team. It’s a great place to come to work. Good atmosphere with terrible bants – nowhere else like it!

It has not been the easiest of years to manage but we’ve offered an opportunity regardless for Joe to join us. This was meant to happen back in March but we had to postpone until June when we returned to the office after lockdown on our 10th birthday. A birthday which we had so much planned for but had to abandon everything which was disappointing.

We also developed the office having planned a number of work experience placements which couldn’t materialise in the end.

We cracked on, lost clients (due to COVID), gained some clients, made the finals at some awards, partnered with NMITE and signed the Armed Forces Covenant. Plus, despite our CSR efforts taking a bit of a hit, we still managed to help a couple of local organisations with more in the pipeline going into next year.

The goal was to get through 2020. Fortunately we’ve done that. COVID wasn’t going to beat us! So now, we’re here and ready to welcome in our 11th year. A year we hope will be a little better than this disaster for many.

Thank you everyone for supporting our little company. We hope you manged to see through the year too and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a much, much better New Year than this one!