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The DM Lab are NMITE Digital Partners!

The DM Lab are proud to announce we’re now NMITE’s Digital Partners!

Lockdown and the pandemic saw some dark times for many. However hard it seemed, we continued to focus on the positives and keep going. It was a matter of sink or swim for many. Even if that meant treading water for as long as was needed. However, after recently turning 10 years old, giving up was not an option. We continued trading, continued working and continued to deliver. This did not go un-noticed by some amazing organisations within Herefordshire – particularly NMITE – the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering.

New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) Digital PartnerOpportunities forged through continued excellence

We’ve been given an enormous opportunity to become NMITE’s (New Model in Technology and Engineering’s) Digital Partner. NMITE is an initiative backed by government, educators, and industry, to transform engineering education in Britain. Another organisation unique to Herefordshire that shares our passion of adding value to the county. Making it a desirable place to learn and work. A place that pioneers new opportunities and ideas. We’re proud to join an ever growing list of partners.

The NMITE project is crucial to Britain’s competitive future. Engineers are key to mastering major world challenges – from sustainable food production to cybersecurity to Artificial Intelligence and more – but the UK is critically short of them.

With our experience in the digital world, we are lending our expertise to help reach those to fill this void. Making these opportunities even more accessible. We will be delivering a series of digital courses to assist the team at NMITE.

What we, as a digital partner will be offering the following to the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering:

We will be supporting NMITE’s proposed curriculum by providing expertise and knowledge.

Supporting NMITE with the secondment of employee(s) to deliver timetabled elements of the curriculum.

Supporting brilliant educators.

Help build their learning environments.

Potential opportunities for working with NMITE as a future Degree Apprenticeship partner.

We’ll be joining NMITE’s professional Community of Practise and their Partnership Advisory Panel.

We’ll be legible to access NMITE’s CPD courses to develop our own workforce.

The DM Lab will also be granted access to NMITE’s Academic Team’s expertise on a consultancy basis. In addition to this, we’ll also become an Ingenuity Ambassador.

As a bonus, we’ll be able to sponsor current / future studios.

We are fully embracing the opportunity. Working on some great little projects that will massively benefit a range of people. We’ll be able to divulge more nearer the time but we’re incredibly excited!

However, this is not limited to the search for tomorrow’s engineers! Finally, we have another exciting announcement! We also have the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) Digital Partner to thank for this one too. Formal announcement coming soon too!

Please check back soon for something equally as exciting that we’ll be offering!

New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) Digital Partner