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What Will design Be Like in 100 Years?

It’s an interesting question! 100 years ago design was very crude. No disrespect is meant or intended, but it wasn’t up to much. It was what is was. If you saw a design from 1914, you’d instantly realise it was from the early 1900s. Today, design is so diverse. Minimal, grunge, colourful and monochromatic to name a few. It has become so much more efficient and streamlined. It does EXACTLY what it needs to do (if done properly of course!). More recently design has taken a more ‘futuristic’ twist – that being augmented reality. Designs that come to life. If this is happening now, can you imagine what it would be like in 100 years time?! It’s hard to imagine isn’t it?! Futuristic perceptions of design to us now will be laughable to those in the future. What we think / perceive the future to be is often wrong – for example – where are our hoverboards?! Off topic slightly but a good example of this is the original Alien movie – technology, by today’s standards, was very primitive – chunky monitors, chunky keyboards, green screens etc. Even so, the new video game, Alien: Isolation actually embraces this, making the futuristic technology and design look authentic and dated, even though we know it should be more technologically advanced, but it still feels futuristic. The film industry in the 80s had visions of how we’d live in the 21st Century. These were either too advanced or way behind, nothing was bang on. That is why, even on a 25 – 30 year basis is impossible to comprehend, let alone 100 years!