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Wills & Legal Services Website Redevelopment

WLS Financial Services Project

Following on from our previous blog, we’ve now launched, rather relaunched, a redeveloped website for Wills & Legal Services. The brief was to redevelop the site with a long-term marketing goal in mind. So, we’ve added new features and given it a new look and improved upon it’s general functionality.

This was the old site:

Streamlining the colour scheme and adding sections, we’re pleased with how it looks and functions. We’ll be further developing the site over the course of the employment by Wills & Legal Services. We have an exciting strategy in the works for a successful digital marketing campaign. We’re looking forward to implementing this and making the website work for Dan and his team.

We’ve developed the website in our platform of choice – WordPress. The reason for this is the previous platform – Umbraco – was just too convoluted for the team to manage elements in house. While we’ll be focusing on the core elements of digital marketing, means the team can add blogs, add new team members and update content while we work our magic.

We’ve integrated their social media and presented the information the businesses is most popular for on the home page. The fresh, clear look will be the basis for our on-going digital marketing work. In conjunction to this, we developed the new site in WordPress. This much more user-friendly platform will allow us to quickly and easily make modifications as and when we need to. Not only this but the team can be actively involved in the basic management of the site too. This hands-on approach means more costs can be dedicated to marketing efforts. This is instead of web management that can be undertaken by a competent team member.

Here’s the redeveloped site:

We actively encourage this approach as we don’t need to schedule in changes, they can be done as and when the team require them. We get to focus on the more technical aspects of the website and its marketing so it really does benefit everyone involved!