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Tag: AI

Agents are one of the most important elements involved with the development of the Semantic Web. Although the term may sound sinister, it isn’t. It actually means a piece of software that works proactively and independently (Luger, 2002). In terms of the Semantic Web, if a user had a personal agent that gathers requirements from […]

Logic is the foundation of knowledge representation. Particularly in the form of predicate logic which is also known as First Order Logic. Logic offers formal languages. For expressing knowledge and provides a well-understood formal semantics. In most logics, the meanings of sentences are defined without the need to make it operational. An important element of […]

Knowledge Representation The term knowledge representation is the area of computer science where scientists try to model human behaviour. It is closely linked with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The concept is to understand a subject area including all the facts and concepts, as well as the relations among them and the mechanisms for how to combine […]

Artificial Intelligence The history of Artificial Intelligence is an interesting topic. Many consider it to be a new technology. In fact the roots of the field date back to Aristotle. Although Aristotle introduced many concepts related to modern computer science. The one that directly affects AI was Aristotle’s epistemology or science of knowing. He believed […]